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Haze level in Singapore is at PSI 321!

Wow, first time in Singapore, haze level has reached hazardous levels of PSI 321!. I pray for rain so that the haze will clear up. I am also praying for the safety of my mom, my relatives and friends living in Singapore. I am keeping a close look at the PSI level at this site. […]

spa day

Facial Spa with Mom at Statice Wellness Spa (I120 Katong, Singapore)

On my last trip to Singapore, I decided that I would bring my mom for a facial spa day. So I looked around at Groupon Singapore and found a perfect one nearby where we live. So on 1st March, both me and mom went for a facial spa day. The offer was really economical as […]

Lovely Casablanca

As I mentioned in my other blog, I had a busy day today. I had errands to run this morning (again) and then it’s off to my aunt place in the afternoon. After having a hearty meal, we proceeded on to my aunt’s son place at Casablanca Condominium. The place is really very nice. I […]

Happy 47th Birthday Singapore – NDP 2012 Theme Song

Today, Singapore celebrated its 47th birthday. I was not there to watch the National Day Parade (which happens to be awesome each time) or enjoy any of the day’s celebration but I am still a Singaporean at heart through and through! Happy Birthday Singapore !     Cheerio… LadyJava First Commenter ***

Better Connection Speed via Wifi Hot Spot

I just realized something while surfing on my laptop today (No, not the samsung netbooks but my very reliable and old notebook). Anyway I realized that if I were to use my usb modem (the dongle version) and connect to the net, I get a 3.6mpbs speed but if I were to connect to the […]

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