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Me in Red

Wedding Party

Me and mom went to a wedding yesterday. It was an Indian Muslim wedding so it was something different definitely. The ambiance was different, the entertainment was different (I believed they used snowball mic for the singing session coz it sounded awesome) and the brides and grooms.. there were two couples were all nicely garbed […]

The Haze is Back

The haze is back people and with no rain in the horizon, I reckon it is here to stay. I am monitoring the PSI index and keeping my ventolin and allergy pills handy. Here’s what it looked like from my balcony this afternoon. Looks like I won’t need any postcard printing to be done since […]


Appreciating Water

You never really appreciate something till it’s gone.. and that is exactly what we are experiencing right now. We miss WATER. Apparently this second round of rationing is affecting our condo area and we will only be getting water supply at every two days interval. My apartment is filled with water basin and every container […]

McD Won’t Deliver…

Yeap.. McD won’t deliver to my condo building 🙁 Apparently their rider always ended up being robbed on the way to our condo area and as such the condo building is blacklisted by them. It sucks big time because McD is the only one that deliver 24hours and yes we do get hungry at 2 […]

google doodle malaysia national day

Malaysia National Anthem and “Rukun Negara”

As I’v mentioned an in earlier blog post,  I am attending an interview at Malaysia IMM for my permanent residence application on 3rd September 2013. So people wish me luck that I’m gonna ace it so I can move on the next level of the application. The first few things that the officer told me […]

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