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A Decade of Bliss**

Darling Azwaj.. We’ve made it babeh.. we made it 10years. My love for you only deepens with time and nothing would ever make you love you any less.. I love you because you make me feel special and most of all because….. you Take Me The Way I Am!! Happy 10 Darling!! Your darling.. First […]

Please Be Quiet

If you know me, you know that I can talk. I can talk about anything under the sun and moon and no topic is off topic for me. Even if I’m not well verse with subject, by the end of the conversation I would be because of the questions I would have asked you. That’s […]

i love you

Happy Anniversary Love..

Your essence, your being, Just takes me away… Back to a time way back. Back when charming princes In shining armor, on white horses, Flourished, their swords, Making the princesses swoon. You do that to me, Make me laugh, and fret, And swoon, on occasion. But without a sword, Or a great white horse, Or […]

Man and Wife

Azwaj can’t stand it when I leave him for too long to go back to Singapore, even if it is to visit my mom. Sometimes I have to “bargain” just so I get a longer stay. However, I must admit I like that fact that he would miss me so much that even one week […]

I Meant "Fill" Darling..

Every time me and Azwaj recall this particular incident we always end up laughing so hard and Azwaj always ended up saying how lucky he was I was sooo in love in him that I had forgiven him even before he knew he screwed up big time… Anyway continuing the countdown to our 8th anniversary […]

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