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Stressed Equal Weight Loss

I don’t think I will need any oxycodone detox for now as all these personal stress that I am under right now is enough to make me lose 5kilos in less than one month! I seriously don’t know if I should be celebrating but it does make me feel good in way. Some people eat […]

that feeling

That Feeling…

what am i feeling?? that feeling when someone has a set of keys and at any moment they can open the door and your life will change! that feeling when there are dots on a clean canvas and you’re not sure if it can be cleaned or it will stain forever… that feeling when you […]

Lifestyle Is the Key to Health and Wellness

Staying healthy isn’t as simple as you may think. The food and diet industry does their best to offer magical weight loss solutions in the form of “super-foods” and “revolutionary” diets. Many people see short-lived success by slightly tweaking their daily routine. A bit more water, a bit less candy, and voila! Instant results. Basically, […]


The Ring

When you decide to get engaged, there are plenty of things you’ll need to do. You’ll have to choose the perfect location for your wedding ceremony. You’ll need to pick out your wedding colors, the best gown and matching tuxedos for everyone. You’ll have to choose a caterer. You’ll have to choose a florist. But […]

sunglasses fit over glasses

Sunglasses Over Glasses

I love wearing sunglasses not only for protecting my eyes from the sun but also it makes you look so chic right? Anyway I used to wear them a lot back when I was wearing contact lenses but then I stopped when I got eye infection. Since then I either get the kinda frame with […]

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