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Sick Smokey

Sickish Smokey spotting something warm to wear…

Another picture from my Life’s Pages….

Tia Ling Ling

My pawparents named me… Tia Ling Ling

Another picture from my Life’s Pages….

Jessie the cat

Enjoying our new hammock. Thank you daddy.

piano benches

Made of Steel

We’ve been eyeing this very nice sofa bed from one of the local store. The good thing about this sofa bed is that the structure is all made with steel or is it metal. Well, all I know is that the furkids won’t be scratching on those legs!¬†However when we were there yesterday, the store […]

Shopping for Sofa

We are on the lookout for a new sofa. Our existing sofa has really been a scratching post for the furkids and it really looks really worn out. So we decided to get a new one and just place the existing one at a corner that they like and really let them use it for […]

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