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Story Behind My Birth Date

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Sometimes I wished I can just shut the world with these cheap v-moda crossfade m-100 headphones. Sometime I wished I can just lie down and not listen or think about anything. Sometimes I wished I can just lie with my eyes, ears and mind closed off to everything around me. Sometimes I wish I could not […]

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Race is Irrelevant!

I just saw a video of a thief who was caught and tied and then being kicked and beaten by the either the one that was robbed or by one that caught him.
The thief was Malay and the one that was the beating and kicking him happened to be in Chinese..


If Only I Play

Sometimes I wished I had paid a little bit more attention during music class back in school. I remember how I dreaded playing the recorder and how I always make excuses when it comes to practicing at home. My mom always encourage me to play because she loves music but I was more into singing […]


I Love Hot Chocolate

I enjoy the occasional hot chocolate whenever I feel like I had too much coffee for day. So whenever I find swiss miss hot chocolate with marshmallows at the grocery shop, I know I got to get a few boxes for my pantry. Nothing like hot chocolate with marshmallow just before bedtime right? .. but […]

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