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folding guitar

A Folding Guitar!

Being a wife to a guitar player, I am always discovering new and awesome guitars and one of them has to be the folding guitar. I mean look at how compact it can be once you fold away the neck. It most definitely be easier to carry out. I actually asked Azwaj if it would sound just […]

Cupping Device

Cupping Session

I love going for massages. I feel so refresh and revitalize after especially if the masseuse does a great job at it. Unfortunately my last massage fall short of expectation.  It was my first visit and suffice to say there would not be a return session. These past few weeks have really been stressful. I worked hard […]

Business Loan for Small Businesses

Wow.. I just found about this site called Kabbage. Apparently they offer easy business cash advance loan for small businesses in the States and UK. Kabbage claims that they can deliver funding to small businesses within 7 minutes and the process is so easy. Sign up, submit application and get your funds once approved.  Just […]

Boat Rentals for Fun Close to Shore and at Sea

Newport Beach boat rentals is the place to go when you want to check out of the world for a while or just to have some fun. There are paddleboards, kayaks, deckboats, cruisers, electric boats, and small sailboats if you are not planning on going too far from shore. If the ocean is where you […]

Relieving Pain through Professional Massage Therapy

Many people visit a massage therapist on a regular basis to help their bodies relax. Both mental and physical stress factors can cause the muscles in your body to tense. Receiving a massage is a great way to combat these effects. Although all types of massage help to relax the body and mind, different techniques, […]

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