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Unbelievably Sweet – Awww

It’s been a while I posted something on personality quiz so here goes. You’re the perfect treat — delightful and sweet. You have the sweetest smile and the most tender love. Your face can brighten any dark day and your jovial nature can fill even passersby with joy. A great many consider themselves lucky to […]

Exact Time Please..

I value my time very much. I work hard and so every moment is precious to me…. be it for work or for leisure. So when I make time for you, means I value you and your presence. So please don’t take that for granted and don’t play games with my time. I expect REAL […]

Just Call Me Oi!

Sweet endearing words like dear, honey, love and darling or Malay words like kanda, dinda, sayang or yang, are generally reserved for your loved one. If you call everyone in your life (especially one of the opposite gender) these endearing loving words, then maybe you should call the ones you really love just “OI!” to make them feel special.. Just my worthless two cents

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Something to Think About

Post by LadyJava LJ. Cheerio… LadyJava First Commenter ***

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Race is Irrelevant!

I just saw a video of a thief who was caught and tied and then being kicked and beaten by the either the one that was robbed or by one that caught him.
The thief was Malay and the one that was the beating and kicking him happened to be in Chinese..

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