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digital organiser

Blast from the Past: Digital Organizer

Anyone remember this? It’s Casio Digital Organizer. I was using this in 1993! lol! Cheerio… LadyJava   First Commenter ***


Blast From The Past: LadyJava at Seven

On my last trip to Singapore, I visited my aunt who had just moved to her new place. She told me she found some old pictures and the blogger in me instantly perked up. Blogging material, I thought to myself.. lol! I went through her album and found some awesome old pictures that I wanted to borrow and scan. Unfortunately, I totally forgotten about it and left it on the sofa instead. boohoo…


Blast from the Past: Pager

Goodbye January and welcome February. Wow! It seemed like only yesterday we welcomed 2011 and now the first month is already over. Where did the time go?

Talking about time… Recognized these?
Nope it’s not some new gadget or the new playstation 3 or anything like that


Blast from the Past: My Office

I was going through some old pictures and found this one of when I was still a young career woman of 25 in Singapore. I loved that cubicle as I had a very nice huge window behind me that overlooked…

Keepsakes from Yester Years…

While going through my personal boxes today, I found certain items from school that really brought back fond school memories. I found my Courtesy Badge that I received as one of the Courteous Student in our Courtesy Campaign back when I was in primary three. Can you believe I had to wear that for one […]

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