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Azwaj and His Fellow Guitarist Friends

Azwaj is having some friends over and when those friends happened to be fellow musicians, you can be assured the amplifiers and guitars comes out to the living room. One of his friends even brought along his latest guitar effects to test with Azwaj’s multiple guitars! Now all they need to do is to record […]

The Guitarist Husband

You know you have a guitarist for a husband when you see him walking around the house with his ibanez guitar strapped around his shoulders. Azwaj is currently in one of his creative moods and I see him with his headphones and guitar plugin into the amplifier whenever he is not working. I don’t know […]

My Guitarist Darling

Before knowing Azwaj, I have no knowledge of the musical instrument named Guitars. To me it just completes the ensemble of the keyboard and the drums to form a band.. lol. ..Now I have a much better appreciation of the instrument. I now know a little bit more of this instrument that my Azwaj plays […]

My Super Awesome Present

February is going fast and March is approaching and though it will be my birthday and anniversary month, I am not expecting any anniversary or birthday gifts this year from Azwaj as I already got my awesome gift last December. It is of course my super wonderful Samsung Galaxy Note. Because of this wonderful gadget,  I no […]

New Amplifer for Azwaj

Azwaj is planning to service his Marshall amplifier and he is thinking of trying out the eminence speakers  for a change. Alternatively he is thinking of just buying a new one from another company. However, the model that he is planning on getting is not being distributed here in Malaysia and the closest to getting it […]

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