It’s My Birthday!!

Wow.. another year has gone past and I am a year older. I don’t feel anything different but I guess something is always different when time is involved right? One thing that I am really happy about this year is my weight loss.. Though I don’t think it is anything to brag about coz I didn’t do anything really .. but I am happy that it happened.

Anyway, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all my family and friends who have taken time to send me emails, e-cards, whatsapps messages, LINE messages and FB wishes. Special thanks to two of my very awesome BFFs, Emila and Marzie for meeting up with me yesterday at for coffee. Love you guys!

So here’s some sweet delicious cupcakes that Marzie got for my birthday yesterday ( I love it sweetie and thanked B for getting it ya). Enjoy!
Birthday cupcakes from @mariuca_m .. Thank you sweetie...



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