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Exact Time Please..

I value my time very much. I work hard and so every moment is precious to me…. be it for work or for leisure. So when I make time for you, means I value you and your presence. So please don’t take that for granted and don’t play games with my time. I expect REAL […]

Stressed Equal Weight Loss

I don’t think I will need any oxycodone detox for now as all these personal stress that I am under right now is enough to make me lose 5kilos in less than one month! I seriously don’t know if I should be celebrating but it does make me feel good in way. Some people eat […]



Sometimes I wished I can just shut the world with these cheap v-moda crossfade m-100 headphones. Sometime I wished I can just lie down and not listen or think about anything. Sometimes I wished I can just lie with my eyes, ears and mind closed off to everything around me. Sometimes I wish I could not […]

that feeling

That Feeling…

what am i feeling?? that feeling when someone has a set of keys and at any moment they can open the door and your life will change! that feeling when there are dots on a clean canvas and you’re not sure if it can be cleaned or it will stain forever… that feeling when you […]

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