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I am an internet shopper addict. There I admit it. Send me to

Although I must say so far my shopping has been limited to spa treatment, massages, facial and electronic stuff like my halogen oven. I have a phobia when it comes to shoes or clothing online because I always like to try those on for size you know. After all, these are stuff that you gotta wear and gotta look good on you right?

That being said, I have graduated, if you can say that, to shopping womens clothing online. I can’t help myself! The dress was just too cute.. lol! So I got to talking to the rep and she told me how to measure myself and all and I did. Well, I actually used a ribbon and measure it against Azwaj’s tape measure because I don’t have a tailor measuring tape.. lol! So after a few days of mulling over it, I took the leap and ordered. The purchase came with free delivery so that was sort of like an incentive.

Anyway, I anxiously waited for my purchase and when it came, I can’t wait to try it on. Whaddaya know.. boohoo the dress was too small for big me.. lol! Looking at the label of the dress it was actually a Medium size whereas my size would be more like Large or XL! Oh well .. good thing I was able to return the dress for full refund of another purchase. Now that I know what sizes to look for, I hope my next purchase would be a more pleasurable one.

Wish me luck!



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