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Need A New Look? Get a Wig This Time

Women who want a perfect look usually prefer to add some type of hair extension. One of the most popular hair extensions gaining popularity day by day with women is the human hair wig. What was once more popular for the African-American population is now quite popular with all racial groups. With the wigs being […]


Swimwear Shopping

Swimwear has been a popular attire for both women and men for centuries, with women’s wear perhaps being the most exotic. Today, swimwear is a multi-million dollar industry and continues to thrive even in the coldest of climates. Many well-known designers are incorporating swimwear into their work, and are featuring a wide-range of bikinis and […]

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Race is Irrelevant!

I just saw a video of a thief who was caught and tied and then being kicked and beaten by the either the one that was robbed or by one that caught him.
The thief was Malay and the one that was the beating and kicking him happened to be in Chinese..

caesars palace

The Lure of Caesar’s Palace

  I awoke in a beautiful suite at the Caesar’s Palace and a luxurious room it was. The bed was huge and comfy that makes me feel like I don’t want to wake up. The view was amazing and most importantly was the smell of coffee that Azwaj had probably ordered for breakfast. Ah this […]

Cabinet Repair

When we moved in this apartment, the kitchen cabinets were already there. We don’t actually know how long the cabinets were already in place but since it was still usable, we didn’t do anything to replace it. Azwaj just needed to get some welding supplies and reweld some lose hinges and all seems to be […]

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