Maybe It’s Time to Try Laser Hair Removal

You’ve probably tried all sorts of methods to try and remove that unwanted hair. Most women worry most about any hair they have growing on their upper lip and chin, their bikini zone, legs, armpits, and even their stomach and back. Some women are hairier than others; women that suffer from a hormonal imbalance called Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome often end up growing extra hair thanks to their condition. And thanks to extra pressure that women in American society face, any extra hair growth is considered unfeminine.

One great option that’s become available in recent years is Assara’s laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is a treatment that actually has the potential to give you permanent results. No other hair removal product can come close to giving that result. But it’s not for everyone; the costs for treatment are pretty steep, so if you’re considering laser hair removal, definitely do your research before you try it. Here is a little information about the most common means for hair removal along with how they measure up to laser hair removal.

Depilatory is just a fancy word for those hair-removing creams like Nair. These creams are not suited for everybody because the chemicals in it are highly irritating. The cream works by dissolving the hair and only is effective until new hair growth starts coming in. If you don’t have a skin reaction to the cream, then using this stuff is going to be your least painful option. Unlike laser hair removal, using Nair will only give you results for a day or two at most. It’s also scary to think about putting those harsh chemicals on your skin every couple of days,

Shaving is the most common method women use to get rid of unwanted hair. Shaving is potentially dangerous since you’re using sharp blades to cut the hair. Its results only last a day or two, and then you’ve got stubble that makes your legs feel like a porcupine. Shaving is the least expensive, but the time spent shaving every day can really add up over a few decades.

Waxing is a preferred option for women who want longer results with their hair removal. Some women wax themselves, but most go to a salon for a professional to do it. Waxing pulls the whole hair out, from the root, and so the result is smoother skin for longer. It is painful, however, and unlike Assara’s laser hair removal, the results are not at all permanent.

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