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Malaysia National Anthem and “Rukun Negara”

As I’v mentioned an in earlier blog post,  I am attending an interview at Malaysia IMM for my permanent residence application on 3rd September 2013. So people wish me luck that I’m gonna ace it so I can move on the next level of the application. The first few things that the officer told me […]

Try Non Surgical Liposuction to Safely Remove Fat

Unfortunately, stubborn fat is a problem that many Americans deal with. If this is something you can relate to, you know how difficult it can be to not only lose weight, but also to slim certain areas of your body. Weight gain can creep up on a person before they even realize it has occurred. […]

Maybe It’s Time to Try Laser Hair Removal

You’ve probably tried all sorts of methods to try and remove that unwanted hair. Most women worry most about any hair they have growing on their upper lip and chin, their bikini zone, legs, armpits, and even their stomach and back. Some women are hairier than others; women that suffer from a hormonal imbalance called […]

Business Loan for Small Businesses

Wow.. I just found about this site called Kabbage. Apparently they offer easy business cash advance loan for small businesses in the States and UK. Kabbage claims that they can deliver funding to small businesses within 7 minutes and the process is so easy. Sign up, submit application and get your funds once approved.  Just […]

Use Stylish Digital Prints on Canvas in Your Decor

Pictures hanging on the wall of a home bring it to life. They make it feel personal and cozy. Many homeowners are unsure of how to incorporate pictures into their home décor, however. The best aspect of using pictures in your collection of wall hangings is that they can match any style of interior design. […]

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