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Permanent Residence Application

Due to some complications, I got to redo my applications for my permanent residence status here in Malaysia. We have successfully submitted the application and our first interview has been set for 3rd September. I asked the officer in charge as to what kind of questions will be asked. She told me probably about the […]

gold coin

A Gold Coin Collection

I have never been one to have a collection of anything. I just don’t have the discipline or the patience to complete them. However if I were to start, I reckon these collections of krugerrand gold coin is a neat collection and the fact that it can be resold later (coz it is gold after […]

salina the novel

A Novel to Read – Salina by A.Samad Said

I met up with blogging BFF, Emila and Marzie last night and it was a blast… and I lost my voice from talking and laughing so!  Anyway, Emila passed me this novel that I won in one of her contest. It’s a  novel called “Salina” by our very famous author, A.Samad Said and … […]

Lifestyle Is the Key to Health and Wellness

Staying healthy isn’t as simple as you may think. The food and diet industry does their best to offer magical weight loss solutions in the form of “super-foods” and “revolutionary” diets. Many people see short-lived success by slightly tweaking their daily routine. A bit more water, a bit less candy, and voila! Instant results. Basically, […]

How to Learn Wedding Photography

A wedding is an occasion to be remembered. A bride and groom want a quality photographer who can capture all the highlights of their special day. They expect the photos to be plenty and in crisp, clear condition. If you aspire to do wedding photography in St. Louis, be sure that you know what it […]

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