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If Only I Play

Sometimes I wished I had paid a little bit more attention during music class back in school. I remember how I dreaded playing the recorder and how I always make excuses when it comes to practicing at home. My mom always encourage me to play because she loves music but I was more into singing […]

dj controller

Those 80’s Song

Azwaj has found this awesome channel on youtube which featured medleys of songs from the 80s and both me and him have been singing like crazy.. I have officially lost my voice.. lol. Oh how I wished we had one of those pioneer ddj sx mixers then me and Azwaj can do our own mix. […]

Haze level in Singapore is at PSI 321!

Wow, first time in Singapore, haze level has reached hazardous levels of PSI 321!. I pray for rain so that the haze will clear up. I am also praying for the safety of my mom, my relatives and friends living in Singapore. I am keeping a close look at the PSI level at this site. […]


The Ring

When you decide to get engaged, there are plenty of things you’ll need to do. You’ll have to choose the perfect location for your wedding ceremony. You’ll need to pick out your wedding colors, the best gown and matching tuxedos for everyone. You’ll have to choose a caterer. You’ll have to choose a florist. But […]

rhb phishing attempt

RHB Account Phishing Attempt

I opened  my email today and found this message. One look and I thought it was from RHB and since I did perform one fund transfer transaction yesterday I thought “on no it didn’t go through”. But when I hover the “SUBMIT button”. the link was to “” and I noticed they didn’t even address […]

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