Gonna Be An Awesome Year

When you are my age, and I’m not saying that I am that old but yeah, when you are in my age group, you tend to not make a big fuss about birthdays. I mean, I remember other people’s birthdays all the time, making sure I wish them happy birthday via text messages, facebook or twitter, or even a birthday ecard, but my own? … Well, it’s just another number to me and as the number gets bigger, I tend to not want candles at all on the birthday cake, for fear the cake might collapse under the weight of all of them – lol!

That being said, this year I had an awesome pre-birthday party. It wasn’t anything like the birthday parties long island that my overseas friends used to have when they were kids (great products to view by the way if you have kids), and it wasn’t exactly MY birthday, but the pool party was a day before my birthday so it seemed like a good enough celebration right? There was a tent, lights, decorations and even a stage which means entertainment.. and of course there was food. There was plenty of delicious food and drinks, and I told my Azwaj that if it was on my actual day, I would have bought a cake that night! And you know what? As I was looking at the lucky picks, my lucky draw number was called … so YES, I even won something in the lucky draw session that night. How awesome is that right?

I always love the number 44 (that’s me this year) and now it’s another reason to love it more. So far I’ve had an awesome party, won at a lucky draw and just earlier this month, I got a free all expense paid trip to Kuching, Sarawak. Yep, this year is looking awesomely fantastic!


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