Shopping for Sofa

We are on the lookout for a new sofa. Our existing sofa has really been a scratching post for the furkids and it really looks really worn out. So we decided to get a new one and just place the existing one at a corner that they like and really let them use it for their playtime.

We found something we liked yesterday and it was perfect coz it had metal support. Metal equal no scratch post right? lol. But since we are shopping, we will look around and decide after we’ve seen a few more. Anyway, we also saw some lcd tv going on sale but I told Azwaj that if ever we got one of these, we need to make sure that it is mountable on the wall  (the kids run like there’s someone chasing them and the whole tv cabinet would shake) or we have to get a flat mount for the tv.

Happy shopping to us!


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