Happy 44th Birthday to Me!

Yeap it’s my birthday for the 44th time this year and since 4 is my favourite number, double 4 makes it all the sweeter.

It already started on a great note with an awesome pool party on 8th March (I swore if it was on the 9th, I would have bought to cake and call it MY party) organised by my condo building. Yeah it wasn’t organised FOR me but rather the re-opening of the swimming pool but it sure felt like a party and I had a great time. We had tents, stage, GREAT food and lucky draw… and guess what.. little old me won something too! How awesome right?

Guess which one I won?

Tents, balloons, pool.. all for me? lol!

Anyway, I will post the food images at my food blog so come and join me ok!



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