My First Multifocal Lens Glasses

multifocal lensesI’ve been planning to get my multifocal lens glasses for the longest time. However I keep postponing it for no real reason. Then I decided that since today is “121212”, I thought what better way to mark the date right?

So I talked to Azwaj about it and he agreed so off we went to my optician. After trying on numerous pairs (apparently the frame got to be of a particular measurement) and taking pictures of myself at the shop (I am blind as a bat so Azwaj will take picture of me with the frames and I will look at it properly with with my glasses on), we decided on the one that looks best on me.

I can’t wait to get it but it seem since my prescription is sort of unique, they got to special order the lenses from the States which means I will only get my glasses in two weeks time.. Oh well something to look good in the New Year right?



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