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ladyjava at cityrush launch oct 2012

LadyJava at Avon City Rush Perfume Launch

If it was not dark and the dj lighting was a tad bit brighter, I am sure my face would not so blurred out here.. lol! Seriously though, I had a fab time with blogging buddy Emila (who invited me to tag along to this event.. thanks Ems).  Luna bar is an awesome place to […]

mak's birthday cake 2012

Happy Birthday Emak!

Today is my mom’s birthday and although she is not internet savvy and will never know of this entry (unless of course I show her when I see her on my next trip), I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DARLING MAK. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR LOVE, SUPPORT AND FOR ALWAYS BEING […]

Postponing Trip

This month has been such a busy month that I may not have the opportunity to go back to Singapore. It’s my mom’s birthday this month and with the upcoming Hari Raya, I thought it will nice to spend some time with her. However seeing how I did go back last month and I am […]

Lazy Saturday Afternoon

I’m so lazy to do any cooking today. Good thing we have some leftover from yesterday’s dinner that I can reheat for lunch. I want to just grab my pillow and watch latest episode of boldie.. ahhh bliss! Cheerio… LadyJava   First Commenter ***

Meeting My Target

Bring out the highly rated cigars coz if I was the smoking kind, I would have two since I lost 2kilo a few days ago. I am feeling so much lighter now and I think I lost inches on areas that I am trying to lose (I hope I am just not imagining I […]

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