The Perfect All-Purpose Gift

Whether it’s December or July, it always seems the same. So many events and celebrations that call for gift-giving, and you send flowers or a gift card, perhaps a box of chocolates. Over and over. While all of this is appreciated, no doubt, it probably still caused you undo stress, agonizing over the right arrangement or store. No matter what, it seems you’re always scrambling at the last minute, because of course you don’t keep any of this on hand.

Which is where the savoir of the day comes in: Alcohol! While it might not be the right gift for everyone, it’s generally a pretty safe bet. Even non-drinkers often cook with wine, or serve it to guests in their home. Now that you can easily buy wine online for a great price (including shipping), there’s no reason not to keep a case on hand (as long as you can resist drinking it yourself!). Keep some generic greeting cards and wine gift bags in the house, and you’ll have an instant gift perfect for nearly any occasion. If this seems too impersonal, think about making your own cards. This special touch, coupled with the wine, is practically fail-safe.

If you’ve never ordered wine online, a familiar name that excels in wine and champagne delivery is You can mix and match and pick out wine based on best-sellers, grapes, region, etc. You could even have some shipped right to the gift recipient. An added bonus to keeping ‘gift-giving wine’ at home is that you save more when you buy more. And if purchasing a whole case (or more) of wine seems excessive, know that it’s become the standard for most wine drinkers because of the value. It’s only going to get better with age, after all!

Another fun way to turn wine into an easy but clever gift is to think of a theme. Maybe the gift recipient has always wanted to travel to the wine country in California. Select a wine from Sanoma Valley, and order a wine journal for them to take whenever they get there. If they’re celebrating a special occasion, give them an equally special bottle of champagne along with a sweet treat known for pairing well with champagne, like chocolate-covered strawberries. Most people just want to know you put some thought into their gift, and by following some of these tips, they’ll surely be raising their glass in your honour!

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