Need Me An Air Quality Alarm

The air quality where I live right now is less to be desired. It could be because of the no-rain situation making everyone complain of the heat but also because we are also experiencing very bad haze. I mean I can smell smoke whenever I stand on my balcony to dry to clothes. Of course that being the case, the drying now goes on inside my apartment and the sliding door leading to the balcony is not completely shut. It is good thing that the front of the apartment is facing the forest to at least I can open the front door to get some fresh air circulating in my home.

I was thinking that maybe we should get some sort of carbon monoxide alarm that or something that can monitors the air quality in my home. At least it can trigger some sort of alarm when the air quality is being compromised and I can get ready with my asthma medication.

Anyway, I hope we get some heavy rain soon.  I said “heavy” rain because although there the rain did come yesterday it was only for a few minutes and not enough to really made a difference in the air quality. ..sigh

the hazy view




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