Party Time?

I am trying to rush out as much work as I can prior to my surgery next week. I got a client’s website to kick off on Friday and been so busy that sometimes I feel like a hermit not knowing what is going on in the blog world. I am also trying to not fall sick. When I went for my pre-op earlier in the month, I was sniffling away and the doctor was concern that I might be getting the flu but since there was no fever or no cough she told me to take care that does not happen as the surgery will have to be postponed if I do fall sick. This is even more so because I have asthma and if I am having cough or fever then I might get an attack while I am under anesthetic and they are worried they might be able to get the asthma attack under control and resuscitate me. Yikes!

Anyway, I’ll be so glad after all this over (God Willing). I can’t wait to be stress free from all this health issue that is bogging me down. Who knows.. I might even throw a party and get streamers and confetti by Artistry in Motion do all my decoration. Lol!  Also I love the idea of confetti raining on me as I do my celebratory dance.. I mean life is a celebration right?



Ok, back to work. Keeping a balance is not easy but I am trying for sure and so far so good..



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