I Want to Keep My Resolution

I am failing miserably in my 2012 New Year Resolution. Which one? Well the one that says I would try to sleep like a normal person and be awake during the day. I am getting enough sleep just at hours that some people might consider abnormal. Because of my sleeping habits, I normally have very very late dinner and by late I mean like 10pm or so… and it is not always easy to find food at that time. Like tonight for instance, by the time we arrived at our favorite restaurant, most of the items on the menu was already gone and I ended up having t bone steak instead. Now I don’t really mind having steak coz it was delicious but I something else in mind for dinner tonight and left with no choice just don’t rub me the wrong way.


Yummy !

Anyway, I will try to be more disciplined with my hours after my surgery next week. Here’s hoping I can keep my resolution 🙂



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