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The Meds

I am now in my Singapore home and recovering nicely after my surgery on 15th May. As I mentioned in my previous post, all went well with me only needing keyhole surgery. Although there is one more extra hole then the previous three in my surgery last year, I am thankful that I only have […]


Blogging from KK Hospital ward 44 Bed 6

My surgery went very well. Dr Wong managed to remove the cyst using keyhole surgery although I had prior surgeries before at the same place and susceptible to adhesion…. And no cancer as well. Yeayyyy!! Recovery is also going as well as can be expected. My doctor told me that if all goes well I […]

Surgery Day is Finally Here

So the day has finally arrived. After numerous visit to my doctors and doing tests and countless blood drawing (I hope it’s not going to the, SURGERY DAY is finally here. I had a detox day yesterday which sees me running to the toilet every few minutes and despite that I still managed to […]

skinny pants

My Sexy Riding Pants

On my last trip to Singapore, I did some shopping with mommy. We went to my favorite store in Bedok as this place never fail to bring in the kind of clothes I like.. light material and no ironing please. This time around I asked to see if they had any comfy pants that I […]

My Height Says I’m Logical

Time for a personality quiz this Wednesday. I found this Marzie‘s blog and because it is so easy and because the result is really really me, I thought I post it here for fun.. You are a rational, stable person. You have a strong head on your shoulders.You are a good judge of character – […]

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