Packed and Ready To Go!

luggageI initially planned to leave yesterday for Singapore but since I was not feeling too great, I postponed my trip to Sunday instead. To my horror on checking seats for coaches yesterday, I found that there was no more seats for the early coaches (I like to travel in the morning that way I arrive early into Singapore too). After further checking, I found that there was some seats available but it was for the night coach and I hate travelling at night.

I panicked for sure and started to check for flights into Singapore instead. Again all the early morning flights were booked leaving only the much later flights. How I wished I was I was looking for australia flights instead of Singapore ones since that flight had plenty of seats…lol!

Anyway, I decided to call up the booth to check again on seats availability and was told that they indeed had some seats available on the 2.30pm  coach but I got to hurry as it was first come first serve basis and there is no way I could make a booking via phone. Apparently some travel agent had just released the seats so it didn’t show up on the internet booking site.

So, YES. I got my coach tickets, my overnight bag is packed and I’m ready to face my doctor on Monday!


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