My First CT Scan

So despite the initial hiccup of my CT scan appointment and the feeling of needing to hit my doctor with an angle iron, the CT scan itself went smoothly without any hitches last Thursday, 29th March 2012.

I arrived on time and it was nice to see the nurse remembered me from the day before.  She greeted me, went through the same checklist that I had the day before and proceeded to prepare me the procedure.  I was given four glasses of  plain water to drink within a hour. They also put in an IV needle on my left hand. This will be used for the contrast dye.


It was something like this

At the end of the fourth drink, the nurse called me into the CT scan room.  It was scary to see the huge machine but it was not like those tunnel things that I expected. Instead it was like one of those “Stargate” or something like a vertical buoy. I was asked to lie down on a platform attached to the machine. The nurse explained what will happened and that they will do a test scan to get me comfortable. I was left alone in the room as the machine “talked” to me asking me to hold my breath at certain times while the platform that I was lying on moved in and out of the “stargate”.

After the test scan was done, I was again joined by the nurse that explained she would now activate the contrast dye. I felt a warm sensation as the liquid entered my body through the IV. The sensation ended lasted about 2seconds or so and I was told to put both hands over my head. Now is time for the real scan.

The platform again moved in and out of the “stargate” and within 10minutes I was done. I was asked to remain lying down until the doctor was certain that they got a good scan.  They did and I was asked to get dressed and stay in the recovery room for about half hour to make sure I didn’t have any allergic reaction to the dye.  I was released after that half hour is up 🙂 yeay!

So now is the waiting period. The results would come back this week and if I don’t receive any call by this Friday.. then I should home free from cancer and I would just proceed with my keyhole surgery to remove my cyst.


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