15th May Surgery

I’m back from Singapore. Fast eh? Anyway I returned to a house full of testors paint smell coz apparently Azwaj was trying to cover up some minor crack in the car. Anyway..

My trip to Singapore went smoothly even though I traveled on Sunday (a pleasant surprise indeed). I arrived in one piece at around 9pm.

I didn’t receive any calls from the hospital with my CT scan results the week before so I really didn’t know what to expect but I was hoping for all good results. Unfortunately during the appointment, my doctor told me that although the CT scan didn’t find anything abnormal, he still couldn’t rule out ovarian cancer for now. He told me that he can only confirm cancer or otherwise once he has access that “solid” mass during the surgery. So basically he would proceed with the keyhole surgery, take out the mass, send it to the labs while I am still under and find out. If it is negative, he would close me up and that will be the end of the surgery. If, however, it is positive, then he would take the necessary action to remove the cancer cells.

He also told me that since I have had repeat surgery on the same spot, the risk is also greater as adhesion might have occurred and depending on the severity of the adhesion, open surgery might be needed instead.

surgery date

So my surgery is now confirmed for 15 May 2012 while the pre-ops is going to be done on 2nd May, two weeks before the surgery. What fun!


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