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his and her glasses

His and Her Glasses

Last weekend both me and Azwaj got new reading glasses. Apparently now I also need special glasses to read! OMG right? Anyway, we both liked the same frame and since they have two different colors, I got the red while Azwaj got the blue.. Awesome! Cheerio… LadyJava   First Commenter ***

Dreaming of a Dream Vacation

Now that my surgery date is finalized, me and Azwaj have a much clearer picture of when we can plan our vacation. It will definitely be sooner then later and I can’t wait. Although some sort of Portugal holidays would be nice, this time around however, it’s more about the room or suite than anything […]

I Want to Lose Weight

I am going on a vacation (right after my surgery which is on 15th May).. and I want to lose weight before then. I want all my pictures during that vacation to be with my collar bone and minus the double! So my cousin is recommending this new diet program that she just started […]

It Seems I am Rebellious

Time for a personality quiz people and according to the vase that I picked, I am apparently a Rebellious being.. lol! Check it out! You Are Rebellious You make seem sweet at first glance, but appearances can be deceiving.You are a total rebel who likes to do things your own way. You’re really quite subversive.You […]

Newport News – High Quality Fashion

I love shopping for new clothes especially if there is some sort of sales event going on. I mean the quality of the clothes are the same but at cut down prices. What’s not to love right? I recently discovered some fantastic looking ¬†womens dresses from Newport News. If case you don’t know, for over […]

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