Optimistic for Good Times Ahead

good times aheadOn my last post I wrote that I was going back to Singapore on Monday.. well it’s Thursday today and I’m already back home in KL. In fact I was home yesterday but since there were too many things to do, I thought I’d update my blog today.

Anyway, I do have to go back to Singapore early next Monday morning to make my doctor’s appointment at 4pm on the same day. Gosh, if this were flights to south africa instead of coach rides to Singapore, can you imagine the frequent flyer miles I’ll be raking up? But then again, if I was going to South Africa, I’ll be soaking up the the vacation mood that I’ll be in instead of somewhat dreading these doctor visits.

So I pretty much decided that I am going through another surgery  hence the doctor’s visit this Monday. I will meet with my surgeon to discuss procedures and dates for the surgery itself.  I am hopeful to eliminate any future needs for more surgery.  At last scan (only 7 month after my last keyhole surgery) the doctors found a cyst measuring 6cm and a solid mass that they worry might be cancerous in my left ovary so this surgery would be to remove that cyst and to find out for sure if that solid mass is anything to worry about.

I strive to be optimistic for now and believe there are good times ahead in front for me and only worry about the implication after the doctor can finalize whether it is indeed cancer.  Till then, it’s the same jovial LJ here 🙂


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