Draw Something Will Ya..

I love gadgets, from pc to laptop to handphones, I love it all.

Anyway, though I use my handphone for a lot of my work, I also use it for play and currently I am busy playing Draw Something with bunch of friends from facebook. Now mind you I am no brilliant doodler but that is what makes the game so much fun. lol! So download the game, Draw Something hook up with me ok 🙂

Oh since I am on the topic of phones, here’s a quick and simple quiz I took. Just love my results 🙂

You Are a Blue Cell Phone

You are smart, savvy, and together. You are a total grown up who lives a responsible life.
You think clearly and carefully. You never like to be rushed, and it stresses you out to be in a hurry.You pride yourself on being logical and rational. You listen to your emotions, but you also keep them in check.You are calm and collected. You know that things are never as bad as they first seem.


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