It’s Gonna Happen

Holiday Deals are popping up everywhere, in my email, twitter stream and even my physical mailbox. It’s like the whole world is telling us to go for a vacation (lol). From overseas trip to local trip, all the locations and prices are definitely tempting and making me heady with all the choices. I also just found that the vacation spot of my dream is also having a special promotion next month!

Unfortunately, although we did plan a trip for March since it coincide with my birthday and our wedding anniversary (12years!), I just don’t think that it’s feasible now. Something personal just popped up and it seems that I have to make another trip back to Singapore to get it settled tomorrow. Then when I returned next week we got to bring Vievie, who has gone into heat last week, to the vet to get her spayed, That plus recovery would set us out till just about the end of March.

Anyway, I am definitely not complaining as things just happens and I believe it’s happening for a reason. I just got to believe that dream vacation is gonna materialized very soon and just thinking about it is making me smile from ear to ear!

Me in Bali in 1992 (that’s not my boyfriend.. it’s the


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