A Tartlet Saturday

At this moment, it is unsure how long I will be in Singapore this time around. If I can get all my work done by Thursday then I can leave for home on Friday but if that is not possible, I think I would have to spend the weekend there as well.

tartlet class

Looking forward to a tartlet making class

I hate travelling over the weekend as the number of cars going into Malaysia, even though I will be on the second link, is horrendous over the weekend. It’s as if, all Singaporean escape to Malaysia during that time causing the coach that I’ll likely be on to be stuck in a massive traffic jam. I had the same experience twice and like they say, once bitten twice shy right. I mean a 10minute ride can last as long as 2-3hours and I don’t think I want to go that that torture! Yeah I can probably watch a movie on my phone or day dream of a fantastic¬†spain holiday¬† sightseing soaking in all the wonderful things that I’m sure I can find in Spain while the coach go through the jam, but I rather spend the 3hour in Singapore doing something else. My BFF, who is a fantastic baker, is having a class on tart making session on Saturday so I reckon I can attend that one. It would make a more fantastic blog post then a 3hour jam right?



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