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A Tartlet Saturday

At this moment, it is unsure how long I will be in Singapore this time around. If I can get all my work done by Thursday then I can leave for home on Friday but if that is not possible, I think I would have to spend the weekend there as well. I hate travelling […]

It’s Gonna Happen

Holiday Deals are popping up everywhere, in my email, twitter stream and even my physical mailbox. It’s like the whole world is telling us to go for a vacation (lol). From overseas trip to local trip, all the locations and prices are definitely tempting and making me heady with all the choices. I also just […]

Sexy Time

Valentine’s Day may be over but womens lingerie always make great gift for your loved one. Whether you are the giver or the wearer, a hot piece will surely set the mood for that romantic moment. Speaking of lingerie, check out the Lingerie Diva for some awesome pieces below USD25. I’m eyeing a few pieces myself. […]

My Super Awesome Present

February is going fast and March is approaching and though it will be my birthday and anniversary month, I am not expecting any anniversary or birthday gifts this year from Azwaj as I already got my awesome gift last December. It is of course my super wonderful Samsung Galaxy Note. Because of this wonderful gadget,  I no […]

Happy Weekend

Now that mommy has gone home, it’s just me, Azwaj and the kitties once again and time to get back to work (vacation mode over.. boohoo). It’s raining now and once again my laundry day is pushed back yet another day. It’s just as well I guess, I am in no mood to handle the […]

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