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Hectic Week

Wow! The last week of 2012 proved to be a hectic one for me. I reckon all those prayers that some people do while sitting on their church chairs or temples succeeded in stopping the world from ending 😉 and I was fortunately  busy not because of work but rather having a week full of fun […]

Seri's Wedding

Congrats to my Niece, Sulasteri!

Congrats to my niece, Sulasteri and her new groom. May they be blessed with love and happiness forever!   Cheerio… LadyJava First Commenter ***

I Hate Being Sick

I haven’t been feeling well this past week. I’m sneezing all the time so I thought it was my allergies. After taking my allergy pills and the sneezing continues, I decided that it’s probably the flu. I took panadol for cold and that seems to do the trick although now my nose is dripping. I […]

digital organiser

Blast from the Past: Digital Organizer

Anyone remember this? It’s Casio Digital Organizer. I was using this in 1993! lol! Cheerio… LadyJava   First Commenter ***



Me and Azwaj been watching this show called Nikita. It’s about an ex-agent that is trying to bring back an agency that has gone rogue. What is awesome about the show is how they trained all this agent in fighting and of course self defense. I mean Nikita is one woman you don’t want to […]

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