Fruitful Saturday

Today, after a few days of rain, was hot and sunny, much like what sri lanka holidays would possible be like, I imagine. I’ve never been to Sri Lanka myself but what I heard, it can get really hot and since I prefer to visit a place with cooler weather, I doubt I will ever find out how hot it gets there.

Anyway, we plan to wake up early today to get some important errands done. One of them was to terminate our P1 services. Ever since we got our super fast Unifi connection, we hardly used our PI internet connection but since we were bounded by a two year contract, we had no choice but to continue paying the monthly bill.  The contract ended sometime in October but since we were busy, we didn’t have a chance to terminate it and continue paying the RM199 bill. Since it is a hefty amount, I put it in our errands list to get it terminate by latest December and thankfully we made time today and now we would be RM199 richer monthly (one can only hope.. lol).

Next we went to PJ to collect a guitar part for Azwaj. We got lost somewhat due to a wrong turn but managed to find the right turn using Google Map. Yeay for technology!

Next it was to the motorbike service center. Azwaj got new tyres, batteries, brake pad and something else that I don’t know. It was a two hour wait so I ended up playing games on my phone. Oh he also got himself a brand new RED (my choice) helmet and I got a new visor for my own.

Azwaj's new helmet

Azwaj's new RED helmet. At RM100, it was an awesome buy

All in all it was a fruitful day today. Sure it was tiring but when you get so many things done in a day, you can’t help but have a satisfied smile when you arrive home.


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