Random Thoughts at Midnight

  • Yeay!.. I’ve finished my challenging project yesterday and will post about it shortly on LadyJava Creations. The other project  one is coming along nicely too. I just need to cross check the site with cross-browsers and while that is easy with Firefox and Internet Explorer, I still need to make sure the display would run smoothly on an iPad. Unfortunately I don’t have an iPad handy with me  and thus got to wait for my partner to lend me his so that I can finish the job. I don’t think I will buying any gadgets (though really salivating at the thought of HTC Flyer)  in the near future as I think a vacation is what I really need right now. I’ve been sourcing around to find cheap holidays nearby but with the rainy season and Aggie’s recent eye surgery, I don’t think that would materialized this year at all  though the sound of just not doing anything sounds pretty good to me right now. lol!  Oh well, perhaps I can just dream about it for now while planning for a nice one next year so at least that is something to be looking forward to.
  • I’m experiencing very bad indigestion these few days which makes sitting no fun. Been taking Ginger Eno, and that seems to help.. I don’t think it’s what I eat but rather how much I eat. Sometimes being a night person has it’s disadvantage. I mean I wake up at noon but since it’s morning for me, I just take cereal or oats, then there is no lunch and basically dinner is whatever time A comes home… the funny thing.. I don’t seem to lose weight which is real bummer 🙁
  • I’ve not been playing Cityville very much but when I do, there is so much to do!  My crops are dead, my cargo overboard and my goals are all expiring.. hahah.. do I really need all this stress?
  • Someone dear to me is experiencing heartpain right now coz his cat might have ingested poisoned food meant to trap mouse. My prayers and thoughts goes out to him.
  • I’ve not called mommy as often as I used to since she started a new stall. She said I can call her around 10pm when she’s home but I know by that time she will be too tired to talk.. I miss mommy 🙁
  • I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but I love the idea of giving thanks for all the blessings. So Thank You God and may there be more blessing the coming years for all of  us! Ameen!



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