Meeting Up with Besties

friendAs usual I always have a blast whenever the CNC ladies meet. We’ve been friends for more than a 15years and we try to meet up as often as we can whenever I come back home to Singapore.

Hard to imagine that Lilian has a son that just enlisted in national service, Shanti’s boy is 11years old and Li-Ming’s first born is already 9! Where did the time go?

We talked a lot of what’s going on in our life and work. We even talked about going on a weekend of cheap holidays abroad some day so much so that I suggested the ladies come over to KL for weekend. We could stay in some hotel, order room service and have a slumber party of mocktails and dancing and if loud music is a factor, we can all put the same song in our phone, plugin in the headphone into our respective ears, hit the play button and dance away.. lol!

The 3 hours that we spent today passed by too fast too. Before we knew it, our handphone was all ringing from calls from either child or husband signify that it was time to go home.

Sigh.. gonna miss my ladies and hope that weekend trip become a reality one day! Oh no picture as these ladies are all camera shy.. lol!


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