Meet the Parents at Lumut, Ipoh

I met Azwaj’s parents six months after our first date and it wasn’t just a one or even a two hour meet and greet session but it was for a weekend of all inclusive holidays trip to Lumut, Ipoh. .. lol.. talk about scary right? I mean I only knew the chap for six months and all of sudden he invited me to go on a holiday with his whole family and the scarier part was that I accepted..hahah..

Anyway I thought if this relationship was going to go somewhere, anywhere, I might as know his background as soon as possible and what better way to get to know him and his family better than spending time with them. Lucky for me, my future in-laws were an awesome lot and we got along fabulously. The place was great and I even got a glimpse of my first “ghost”.. haha.

This was taken before the era of smart phone and digital camera so all these were in the form of print. I managed to dig out some of them but since I was too lazy to scan them, I just used my camera and snap pictures of the photos hence that blob of white light from the flash.

The Chalet

This chalet area, up on the hill, no longer exist so I was glad we got a nice picture of it


Me with then future mother-in-law

Me with then future mother-in-law -This was taken on Pulau Sembilan, an island one hour away from Lumut. Rest in peace Mama.


Me in Lumut

From this window at the chalet, I saw a “ghost” on the shoreline walking into the sea



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