Back Home

It’s the same routine each time I come home from KL.


I will spend the first few hours catching up with mom.. and how she is, what she’s been up to, local goss.. lol.. This time around, that session is cut short as I had to go to Parkway Parade to get my new internet prepaid card because my existing one has expired. I went alone though as mom was too tired to accompany me.

Anyway, back home, mom was not asleep yet as she was waiting for me to have dinner together. Luckily I didn’t spend too long a time at the shopping center. We spend the rest of remaining evening still catching up on the memory foam toppers mattress but by midnight mom was too sleepy to continue. I also slept early seeing how I am to be on “normal people” mode for the duration of stay in Singapore. lol..

Good to be back!


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