Brother and Sisters to Keep Me Company

Brother and Sisters - TV showMy desk is a mess right now. I have three projects on my plates and I am going crazy with deadlines. I have my main pc on with my design  and coding work. I have two refurbished laptop computers at my disposal right now to test before A’s client come and pick them up so I have those two switched on as well to view my work live… and in order to not get too stressed and not make it feel too much like work, I have my laptop, Miss Fly,  switched on next to me and I have the tv show “Brothers and Sisters” season 1 playing. I am glad Shemah recommended the show to me coz I am loving it so much and because I have two seasons back to back all ready for my viewing pleasure!

I need to finish at least finish one project before I go back to SG for the Raya holidays.. Wish me luck!


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