Moving On

It’s been a depressing week.

As most of you know, my cat, Jam Jam didn’t make it through.  After getting home, she refused to eat unless force fed and each time she “smell” her meds and see the water syringe, she would salivate madly. There was also also an instance when I forced the meds and within seconds she was vomiting everything out.  By the time we brought her back to the clinic, she was already too weak to fight it. So, YES, my Baby Jam has gone to the rainbow bridge.

On that note, life has to go on. That roadside assistance plan got to be looked into. Yes, the car is dead AGAIN. In fact it happened on the day we sent Jam Jam to UPM for her surgery. Fortunately we were already close to the house when it happened but Azwaj managed to maneuver it safely to a petrol kiosk to top up the brake liquid.

Yeap.. time to move on..


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