Real Estate Dreams

realestateBack in my job searching days, I dabbled in a lot of jobs and one was to enrol to be a real estate agent. At that time, prices of Singapore homes were high and people were selling their apartments for smaller ones or something similar but cheaper than their existing home to make some money from the sale.

That career path was definitely interesting. I breezed through my first written paper and was assigned to a branch that was near my home. My mentor was a great man and through him I leaned how to differentiate between a good lead and a bad one. I was taught the mechanics of house sales and how to get real estate leads through what was call farming and cold calls. I even got a few listings but because I wasn’t supposed to make any transaction yet,  he helped me along to close the deals. I was excited and all prepared to sit for the final exam that would have given me my real estate licence.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Instead, I was offered a well-paying job as an executive assistant with a well reputed company and that was too good to pass. I said goodbye to my mentor and to the world of real-estate bringing only the lessons learnt with me.


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