Are You Insured?

One of the things that I’ve neglected in my life is the existence of insurance. I used to have two endowment policies back in Singapore but I let it lapse when I moved here to Malaysia. I fully intended to get one here but year after year it never happened and I’m not even sure if it’s too late now? I reckon even if I were to take one now it would probably be for medical insurance. I found while surfing one day and although it is meant for people in the States, I found the site to be really useful. There is an online form where you can submit your particulars and from there get comparison quotes from insurance companies based on the coverage that you choose. It is pretty awesome. I wish we had one website like that.

Anyway, I’m still thinking of getting medical insurance for me. With the rising medical cost, I think it’s a worthwhile investment. Are you insured?


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