The Cleanse is On

Prior to my surgery tomorrow, I was prescribed some cleansing meds to clean my system. At 10am, I had to take two tablets of Bisacodyl which is normally prescribed for people with constipation problem. As I don’t have any such problem nothing eventful happen.

Then at 4pm, I’m to take a bottle of oral laxative saline. As you may have guessed what that implied.. I’m literally rushing to the toilet every minute. I’m on my 10th round right now and still counting.

I am actually supposed to take another dose at 8pm but I reckon I will give it a miss if I can’t stand it any more.

In the meantime, I am also packing for my admittance tomorrow. I am packing light for sure, so I won’t be packing any nintendo ds games for sure but I will have my phone with me and since that is loaded with loads of boldie episodes, I know I won’t be bored for sure!


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