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waterfall at home

Our very own waterfall due to the non-stop rain

I’ve been a day person for a few days now and it’s really not too bad. I mean I could do without the intense heat but I reckon that’s what happened when you’re out in the sun. Anyway, it was a nice change especially with the non-stop rain these past two days.

So today was also grocery shopping day and the bill came to a whopping RM300 even though there wasn’t anything substantial what we bought. It was just standard things like rice, coffee mix, milk, garbage bags, toilet roll, soap and some very little things.. Seriously I was amazed at the total. Oh I did buy beef and spaghetti as I planned to make spaghetti for A on Friday so that he has something to eat when I’m gone. He gets so lazy to eat when I’m not around and this way, he has something to heat up when I’m away.

While at the subject of grocery shopping, I was waiting for Azwaj at the lift lobby while he parked the car. The monkeys were all out because I reckon they were hungry from no food because of the rain. They were seriously eyeing our plastic bag but since I had a stick with me, they didn’t come close. I’m also glad that there are remote security camera everywhere at the lift lobby so in case something happens, the security guards can come to my aid in a jiffy.

Off to bed now.. have to wake up early to go get my coach tickets for my trip to SG on Friday!


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