Blast From The Past: LadyJava at Seven

On my last trip to Singapore, I visited my aunt who had just moved to her new place. She told me she found some old pictures and the blogger in me instantly perked up. Blogging material, I thought to myself.. lol! I went through her album and found some awesome old pictures that I wanted to borrow and scan. Unfortunately, I totally forgotten about it and left it on the sofa instead. boohoo…

However, this one that I’m showing here, I took using my camera phone because it was in one of those sticky album and I didn’t want to risk destroying it when I take it out. There are two pictures actually but I shall leave the other one for another post ok.

This picture was taken on the day that my aunt solemnization day. She’s the one in the middle. To the right is my mom and to the left is another aunt. I’m one of the kids.. Can you guess which one? hahaha


Is that really ME? Lol!


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